Our Mission @ TDC MMA + Fitness

TDC MMA + Fitness, a Chicago MMA and fitness studio and community, isn’t just another place to break a sweat or throw a kick. It is a true lifestyle academy created and run by the best martial artists and fitness professionals in the world where you come in as a beginner and develop into a serious and capable martial artist. We’re in it to become better fighters at life and all that entails, and we do it in a comfortable, fun, and stylish setting that you’ll want to spend all day in.

Everything at TDC MMA + Fitness is taught by the highest-grade instructors in a world-class fight and fitness facility. Our physical training isn’t about the newest gimmicks or fads, but rather tried and true programs designed by expert coaches to make you stronger and fitter, that you can stick to and use throughout your life. We’re about living a better life, in every way that truly matters. We’re a community. We’re a team, and all you have to do to join our team is to show up with a smile, and a good attitude!

Meet our Staff


Owner + Founder of TDC

Chicago Muay Thai Instructor, Matt


Muay Thai

J Man

BJJ + Strength & Conditioning

Nola Chicago BJJ


Top Dog aka Everyone’s Boss

A gift from former UFC Heavyweight World Champion, Andrei Arlovski to Dino, Nola has won the hearts of many while keeping every in-line. Nola loves snuggling when he isn’t practicing Jiu Jitsu with Team TDC.

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