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Get the latest TDC updates and stay in touch with us on social media. Get Chicago BJJ, Personal Training, Team TDC news and updates from social media. See what Tim is doing with group fitness and strength & conditioning.

Coaches Dino and Tim love showcasing the TDC family on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us on Facebook for special events, schedule updates, yes, including class cancellations. The TDC family does more than train together, we also get together after hours for special events at the gym. Follow @judochopflipya and @tallegretti on Instagram, on almost a daily basis we showcase candid shots of the TDC family doing their thing at the gym.

Your hard work deserves to be celebrated. Small successes help form your big successes and we want to celebrate every step of the way. See how our students and TDC family trains, see when our students earn new belts and so much more.