Recently I had the pleasure of watching the latest Bellator Fight Night. It was especially nice for me since it was filled with jiu jitsu highlights that stamped my favorite bouts victorious. It is always interesting for me to gather the winningest martial arts techniques from large fight productions around the globe. I feel it’s an excellent gauge to measure a good technique from a bad one. Techniques with the best results are the ones we study. The ones we love. The ones we believe in. There have been many times where I’ve said that a specific technique would never fly in a real fight situation, only to see it come to fruition live on Spike TV the following night. With that being said, you can never go wrong with the basics. Especially in real combative situations.

My appetite for jiu jitsu is always the same – meat + potatoes. Simple. Hearty. Fulfilling. The high flying, inverted, super intricate jazz is almost too fancy for my liking. Those with a different palate can easily argue the point. In the end, it’s the variety of styles and techniques that makes jiu jitsu + its players so compelling and dynamic.

What is your best technique? Your fittest memory? Your most efficient self? We want to hear from you! Train well!


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