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With tons of BJJ and MMA gyms in Chicago, we set ourselves apart with our well-rounded mixed martial arts program that also includes yoga. We’re a little biased but we think we hit the jackpot with having who we consider one of the best Chicago yoga teachers available.

Yoga is a great way to recover from vigorous BJJ and MMA training. In fact, yoga is great for building flexibility, agility while stretching and focusing on your body. With yoga, students learn how their body works and how muscles work together. To create a well-rounded BJJ/MMA program we have added yoga to wind down at the end of the week and focus our energies on our body.


Paloma Huner Chicago Yoga Teacher at TDC MMA and Fitness

Paloma Huner

Yoga Coach

Registered Yoga Teacher in Chicago under cYoga by Carmen Aguilar

cYoga’s style is different, smart and challenging. Paloma was so inspired by it that she develop a regular practice and with time she became more and more fascinated with what the body can do and its subtleties. cYoga made such an impact in her life, not just physically but mentally as well, that she felt the need to share it with others by becoming a teacher.

Yoga increases flexibility, agility, strength, balance and mental acuity. Yoga also assists with injury prevention, an invaluable asset to any martial artist.

Paloma’s style is relaxed and nurturing. She invites you to have fun, feel comfortable on the mat and explore the possibilities.

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