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Lyndon BJJ Coach in Chicago

Lyndon Viteri

TDC BJJ Black Belt + TDC Kickboxing Coach
Lyndon Viteri is a lifelong martial artist. Since the age of 4 he began studying with his father, Dennis Viteri, During his teen years he fell in love with the art of Gracie Jiu Jitsu + immediately fell in love with it. Soon after, he met and started to train under Rickson Gracie protege, Dino Costeas. Ultimately earning his Black belt from him. He has since competed and won at local & national tournaments against world class opponents. Coach Lyndon has been teaching men, women, children for over a decade and cultivates the same love for knowledge, discipline and self defense that he has always held. Lyndon’s students and teammates have found success in such events as Naga, Strikeforce + the UFC.

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